Personal Training

No matter what your goal: lose weight, lose inches, get stronger, increase your metabolism, improve your nutrition, or just improve your overall health and fitness, our expert team of certified fitness professionals are committed to providing the right “blue print” for you to reach your goals.

Our experienced fitness professionals  have specific education, backgrounds, and training in exercise physiology, bio-mechanics, sports training, functional fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and lifestyle management. Our personal trainers are trained to evaluate and assess your body for muscle imbalances and design personalized programs to fit your needs, thus maximizing your results in a safe and effective manner. Your personal fitness professional will provide you with the knowledge, motivation, and confidence to attain your goals, change your body, and transform your life.

When: By appointment between 5 am – 7pm

Small Group Personal Training

How can we make a good thing even better? Easy deliver the same great product at a lower price point.  Small Group Personal Training takes all the good parts of our 1 on 1 service and delivers it to group of 3 or 4 at a considerable lower price!  If you enjoy group workouts, want to same attention we give our individual clients but need an option more budget friendly or maybe your just like the motivation of a group workout then this is for you!!!!

Athletic Performance Preperation


Dryland for Swimmers


Metabolic Conditioning Sessions

Want a great workout with awesome results in as little as 3 workouts per week?   These high energy  Metabolic session deliver the results most only see when working  One-on-One with a personal training at a fraction of the cost!

In these training sessions clients work in groups of 5 – 15, follow a group class with a certified fitness professional who demonstrates, instructs and motivates you through 30-45 minutes of high intensity training.

These sessions are designed using timed sets, circuit training, Hurricanes or some times rep challenge formats. We employ a wide cariety of appartus to condition the body from every angle……. bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, suspension training systems, kettlebells, med balls and sandbags. You will increase anaerobic and aerobic capacity by performing these fun yet intense workouts.

There’s a major reason why our STRENGTH or resistance training sessions should be your first choice. A typical STRENGTH session will burn up to 500 calories in a matter of 30 minutes. That is not where it ends your metabolism will be elevated for several hours after you have left the gym.  Its this change in metabolic rate that nets you big time results!


Mon., Wed., Fri. – 5:15 am – 6:00am, Sat. – 7:30am – 8:15am,

Express Lunch Class Wednesday and Friday 11:00 – 11:30am