Nutrition Coaching – 40 Days of Fat Loss

Nutrition can be for some a riddle they just can't solve!  For most the act of working-out is the easy part but taming the rest of the day is a real challenge!  This is where our unique approach to making slow changes, having accountability and providing you the resources to meet the challenges life presents when it comes to food comes into play.


Nutrition coaching can be purchased as a stand alone program or add on to your bootcamp or personal training program.  Look at what some of our clients have said about our 40 Days of Fatloss Nutrition:


40 days of Fatloss gave me a simple workout plan to follow, a variety of healthy foods and wonderful recipes that truly made me forget about being on a food plan. I started the program weighting in at 214. I completed the program at 198.
Tony Perry, Bloomington, Il
I lost 20 lbs and almost 10 inches. This was an excellent plateau breaker for me. I also learned where I could make improvements to my eating habits.  I have continued to use these tools after finishing the program to continue to progress!”
Dustin Hopkins, Bloomington, Il
“I have lost a total of 19 pounds since starting. I am excited to move on to the next phase.  I feel great and know I am healthier!”
Dianne, Bloomington, Il, Phone Client
What  is Included in our Transformation Program:


  • Access to Members Only Private Website
  • Nutrition and Interval Manuals
  • Access to Workout Video Library
  • 3 x 30 minute phone Success Coaching calls
  • Smoothie and Food Cook Books
  • Resturant Survival Guide
  • Unlimited BootCamp (up to 8 classes per week) for the full 40 day program
  • 12 x 30 Minute Personal Training Sessions
  • Functional Movement Screen and Success Coaching Session